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Nigeria: Dozens Of Fishing Trawlers Were Arrested In The Waters Of Brass Saturday Oct 5 2019   @Tonye Lekara
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The Navy and the Federal Department of Fisheries And Aquaculture want fishing Companies to adhere strictly to the Sea Fisheries Act of 1992 to Avert litigation .

The message becomes necessary when the Navy arrested fifty two crew members with four fishing trawlers in the waters of Brass.

Ovieteme George reports that the encroachment of fishing trawlers into the restricted zone of five nautical miles from the shore is not good news to the ordinary fishermen.

These fishing trawlers were arrested in the waters of Brass, few nautical miles to the Saint Nicholas River. The Ghanaians and forty nine Nigerians were also arrested by the Navy.

The Navy is working in partnership with the Federal Department of Fisheries to rid the waters off illegal fishing activities.

Patrol boats of the Navy are also present in the waterways to secure oil and gas assets in the maritime domain.

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