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Love Is War Review. My Nollywood. Tuesday Oct 8 2019   @Melvin
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LOVE IS WAR, is it a comedy, a political drama, or just another love story? I asked these questions because when you look at the movie from the surface, it will pass off as a political drama, but when you analyze it, dissect it in bits, how the STORY was executed, how docile the sitting Governor was, how powerless the State Chairman of PPN was then you'll realize the movie is a major flop for a political drama set in Nigeria.

For a political drama, I’ll give it a 4/10.

For a love story, a story between a man and his wife, with an ugly past, I’ll give it a 9/10.

The story line begins reflectively well until they got to the debate scene, everything went downhill from there.

The way the debate unfolded - if I am to consider it as a political drama - I expected the movie to pick momentum and sky rocket but instead, it went downhill. The reason behind this flaw is nothing but lack of patience on the side of the script writer/ writers.

The writers of this movie should have explored other possible potential this movie has. What would have happened if Omoni Oboli and RMD divorce? Who would have won the battle in a fierce political atmosphere while also fighting for the custody of their daughter?

As a writer when a story comes to you, not all the facet of the story will reveal itself. You are required to do a bit of research/reading to confirm what you already know, to add texture to the story, and to elaborate the storyline.

For a political drama, the docility of the script writer/writers is palpable.  

For a love story, it is just another Nollywood movie.

The actors were all great. A-listers, they embodied their characters. 10/10.

Toke Makinwa shocked me. Honestly, I want to see her more in movies. 20/10.

The picture quality is great. 10/10.

Nollywood is growing, and for a wannabe script writer like me, it gives me joy. Movie executives are no longer scared to fund projects and give it the quality it deserves. What is still lacking though is good story line, and we will get there someday.