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Port Harcourt: For All Your Emergencies, Safety Inspection, And First Aid Contact Apm Terminals Services Wednesday Oct 9 2019   @Tonye Lekara
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APM Terminals attends to all emergency cases using triage system to selectively manage patients effectively and promote adequate recovery. They also carry out Occupational health analysis and evaluation to figure out health hazards and factors that could cause accident, incidents, near misses and mitigative measures to promote Goal Zero in workplace. 

The Company plays major role in  providing preventive measures that ensure the health and safety of workers in  facilities especially in designated areas were injury may be more likely due to the presence of toxins, machinery, or heavy equipment.

They  work closely with employers and management and strives to ensure that all health and safety standards are met in an effort to safeguard the health and well being of employees in their facilities.

The company  works as healthcare providers, safety inspectors, educators, and architects of new health and safety measures and programs.They Develops and implements health and safety programs.

The company has a good pedigree in developing disease prevention programs, such as smoking cessation, exercise, and healthy eating programs.

As part of its services the company documents all employee's injuries and illnesses within the workplace of a particular company,observing and assessing the work environment for potential dangers and hazards.

The company treats injuries and illnesses of employees of companies,including follow-ups and referrals.

They as well Oversees  and implements emergency and disaster preparedness programs and planning,Serving as a gatekeeper for healthcare services, including rehabilitation and disability matters.

The company counsels employees on physical and mental health issues and guides them toward community resources and/or employee assistance programs,Monitoring the health status of employees,conducting research on the effects of hazardous at a particular work conditions or workplace exposures, which may include gathering data and reporting findings to the employer. 

For enquries Call 07064789993

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