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What You Need To Know About Oil Mill Market, The Most Popular Market Venue In Rivers State Wednesday Sep 25 2019   @Tonye Lekara
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The great Oil Mill market is a weekly market held every Wednesday, located at Rumuchorlu Community in Obio/Akpor local government area of Rivers State.

Pre History
The Oil Mill Market came into existence soon after the Nigerian/Biafra War.  Historically, the present day Oil Mill Market sprang up as Nnempi Market whose major commodity was cassava (Akpakpuru) which came in both tuber and fermented forms ( Traders from aba, the  ogoni axis , okirika and beyond also come together to trade there goods and services at cheaper price which made the market more popular 

Vehicular movement

Vehicular movement during market day can to an average speed of 20-35KM/H between the hours of 8am - 11pm for morning session , while close of market activitie average speed can be as low as 10-20KM/H  from 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Benefits of the Market

  • It connects customers to distributors
  • Price of goods and services slightly low
  • It creates bridges of friendship 
  • Customers can get direct contact of suppliers

    Economic Importance 

    The market may have been held once a week, but trade amount spring into millions, The local tax authorities levy every trader some amount which contribute to internally generated revenues. 

    The market also serve as a brand for Rivers State due to its popularity.

    Team Silver Naira