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Five Native Attire Older Than Nigeria Independence Tuesday Oct 1 2019   @Tonye Lekara
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Before Nigeria gain Independence in 1960, different part of the country has got there different dress style and unique attire just to showcase our cultural heritage. Whether it is a Yoruba , Igbo , Hausa , Igala, Ijaw , etc. they are all identified just with there attires.

Gele - This is a local nigerian fabrics which women wrap around their heads. ... 

Agbada - It is an over size cloth For formal events Nigerian men often wear mostly western part of Nigeria. 

Buba - A Buba is a loose fitting blouse with long sleeves and a neckline that is either V-shaped or round.

Woko and Etibo - This is a popular dress attire  in the Niger Delta region with coral bead round there neck.

Isiagu - It is considered a royal attire in the eastern part of Nigeria, the attire is also used to showed wealth by Paramount ruler.

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