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Chief (engr.) Kenneth Ebubeogu Set To Contest For Imo Lga Poll Thursday Oct 3 2019   @Tonye Lekara
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Chief (Engr.) Kenneth Ebubeogu  has finaly disclosed his intention to run for  the office  of the executive chairman of nwagele LGA under umbrella of the People Democratic Party.

He disclose this via a  media chat with Silver Naira crew in his office in Port Harcourt.

He affirmed the information going round of his intention which has been under speculation for months,he said it is no longer a rumour,and  openly expressed his intention to run for the Local government Chairmanship election  under the peoples democratic party which is one of the biggest party in Africa" 

 Chief (Engr.) Kenneth Ebubeogu also revealed that the  motive to contest in the election was motivated by the current Governor of Imo state, whose simplicity, pro activeness , and observation of due Process and Rule of law in all his dealings has earned him wide spread of love from Imolite.
He added that, after observing these qualities, he vowed  to lend  his unreserved support to the Governor's  programs which  would positively affect  all imolites down to  the grassroots level.

On the issues of mismanagement of public funds as is obtainable with some politicians, he promised that if voted in, his tenure would place more emphasis on resource management and accountability in order to make the grassroots get the full impact of his vision.

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